Friday, February 5, 2016

A Different Kind of Wreath

So have you jumped on the paper straw wagon?  They come in all kinds of colors, themes and sizes. Paper straws are popping up in all kinds of places from weddings, baby showers to fabulous kids parties.  They definitely add a festive touch to any gathering in drinks, sticks on cake balls to a touch of color in your party decor.

Well I have used them some in various gatherings we have had recently.  But, I have definitely jumped on the paper straw crafting wagon.  Who knew you could use them in so many crafting projects.  Pinterest is covered with tons of ideas.  Just search paper straws and brace yourself for a flood of ideas.

While on a shopping trip to Target (in the Dollar Spot of course) they had some great Halloween colored straws.  I bought two packages and decided to give a paper straw wreath a try.  I bought one package in orange and white polka dot and another in black and white stripe.  Here is the completed wreath.

Mine turned out smaller than that ones I had seen online because I cut the straws in half.  My purpose for making it smaller was so I can hang it on my door at school.  Here is a quick run down on how I made mine.

1. Cut 6 stars from each package in half creating 12 from each color.
2. From a light weight cardboard cut 2 circles using a vegetable can lid as a template.
3. Draw lines on one of the cardboard circles dividing it into 4 equal parts.
4. Draw 4 more lines subdividing the circle into 8 parts.
5. Draw a small circle in the center of the cardboard about 1/2" in diameter.
6. Draw another circle about 1/4" out from center circle.

Lines subdividing the circle into 8 parts with smaller inner circle

7. Take 4 black & white straws and glue them to the 4 equal part lines touching the center circle.
8. Take 4 orange and white straws and glue them to the 8 part lines touching the outer circle. (This gives you the staggered straws at the outer edge.
9. Take the remaining straws and fill in between the beginning straws around the circle. Stagger the last straws glued to about 1/4" from the outer edge of circle.

By staggering the placement of the straws you create more
movement on the outer edge of the wreath.

10. Take the remaining cardboard circle and decorate it to cover the center of the wreath.  I made an orange paper pleated circle and then added some other fun embellishments.
11. To hang your wreath glue or tape a ribbon loop to the back.

My wreath on my classroom door.

So the next time you have a party and have some of these fun paper straws leftover jump on the paper straw wagon and create a fun wreath.


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