Wednesday, September 9, 2015

College Graduation Party 2015

Wow, it has been a while since I have posted.  Things around our house have been crazy busy and I feel like I have been on a roller coaster that keeps passing the loading station and goes for another round. 

We celebrated our daughters college graduation in early May but did not have her party until the end of  May to allow all of her friends to get back into town.  The celebration and graduation were landmark events.  She is our oldest child and it seems like yesterday we were walking into Kindergarten and now she is done with college.  Where did that time go? 

 She is one happy graduate!

I did make several items for her party and one that she can later use in her classroom. The celebration was all in purple and white since that is her school's colors.  The first item I made was a "Congrats" book page banner.

Book page banner she can use later in her classroom
I used the pages from a chapter book and then various colors of purple scrapbook paper.  The one that says Ms. Webber we will laminate so she can use it in her classroom.  The "Congrats" one I will save and use at our son's graduation party in a few years since his school colors are also purple and white.  Yes we bleed purple at our house.  Different schools but same colors.
These banners are simple to make if you want to know how to make one check out these posts Spring is Here and Picture Book Pennants.
We used purple pillows and her school afghan on the couch.  We placed her decorated cap and chord on the mantel along with a school water bottle.  

Her decorate cap and water bottle add a punch of purple to the mantel.

On the entertainment center we put her stole, family pictures, graduation pictures and some purple filler items. 
Pictures of our family and her through out her life.

Her stole with the school seal.

Another water bottle and yarn add the purple to this area.

Front porch sign.
The entry table was draped with a large piece of purple fabric with the raw edges turned under.  Simple things can be quickly gathered and put together based around a theme or color.  This process adds just the right touch of fun to the festivities and doesn't cost much at all.  So for your next party base your decorations on a theme and start raiding your closets and cabinets.  Your decorations will come together quickly.

Brother and sister - one school against the other.

Our happy family.
As our family crosses another milestone in our journey we are looking forward to what the future holds for each of us.  May your journey be filled with good times and lots of smiles.

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