Thursday, May 14, 2015

New Birds in the Flock

If you have been following this blog and read the posts regarding my classroom at school you will know that I love owls.  Well several weeks ago I received two new friends to add to my flock.  The first was an owl bag that my mother-in-law gave me for my birthday.

My new owl bag.
I love the bag and the owl.  She is so cute with her big bright eyes.  I think this will become m new go bag for travelling to my Craft Class to Go parties.  It has lots of pockets and an nice large middle section so it will hold all my office type items nicely.
The second owl added to the flock was another birthday gift from a friend at work.  He told me that every time he and his wife see an owl they think of me.  How sweet is that! I know I have friends that when I see certain items it reminds me of them and it always makes me smile.  This large owl is a cookie jar and the colors match perfectly to my classroom.  I am not the cookie baking type so she will probably stay at school for now.  Although she might come home for a visit this summer just in case I get the urge to bake something.  It will be more likely that I will get cookies from the store to fill her up.

Owl cookie jar.
It is always a nice surprise when you receive a gift that is just right for you.  The next time I see something that reminds me of one of my friends I think I will buy it and surprise them so they will know they are loved.  Maybe you can do the same for your friends.

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