Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Reversible Scrabble Tile Necklaces

Creating unique jewelry pieces is one of my favorite crafts.  So when I started making Scrabble tile necklaces it was an opportunity to make each one unique.  They are fairly quick to make since they are small.  Every necklace is like a tiny piece of artwork.  I enjoy the journey of picking colors, small objects or words to add etc. (Did I tell you that these are one of my favorite crafts?)

Recently I had a request for a necklace with a particular letter so that it could be worn on either side.  Here are several I made.

This is a small group of the over 60 tiles I recently created.

This is the back of the above group.
I used a scrap of paper, fingernail stickers and a rub on to create this tile.

This paper already had the glitter.  I wasn't sure how it would work but it turned out very well.

Background is a dictionary page, flower cut out and nail sticker.

Sometimes a simple word can add just the right detail.
Each is a unique creation, and with the ability to wear the necklace on either side it gives you two necklaces in one.  I just love it when you can get two things in one.  It makes my frugal heart sing a joyful song. 
Scrapbook paper and nail stickers.

The reverse of the above.

Paper, flower cut out and small flower punch.

Reverse of the above.

Just scrapbook paper and jewels.

Reverse of the above.

A great selection.
So go to your game closet dust off the Scrabble game and secretly take it to your craft room.  Or, if your family still uses your game check out local garage sales or thrift stores.  Then you can create a two in one necklace.



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