Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A New Adventure - Sewing Camp First Projects

In the previous post A New Adventure I told you about the Sewing Camps I taught this summer for kids.  Now I will begin to describe some of the projects the campers made at Sewing Camp.  The first thing learned at camp was to sew on a button.  I told the campers if they learned only one thing during camp it needed to be how to sew on a button.  At least with this knowledge they could fix their shirt or replace a button for someone else.  The buttons were sewn onto their water bottle covers.  We decorated the covers using sharpie markers.  Each camper now had a way to recognize their water bottle during snack time.  The covers were made from simple muslin and batting. Sorry I did not take any close up pictures of the water bottle covers but they turned out really cute. 

The water bottle cover is on the bottle.
Our next project was a needle keeper and pin cushion that was hand stitched using felt and embroidery floss.  This project took the longest to finish but the campers did a great job. 

Cutting the felt for the needle keeper.

The needle keeper has an inside flap to fit the needles.

Adding that personal touch to the front.
From here we moved on to machine stitching.  The beginning project on the machine was a tissue cover.  The covers required the campers to sew a small hem on each side, an inside seam and turn out corners.  Each camper made two tissue covers in a variety of fun fabrics.
The tissue covers are pink and orange.

Fun shades of green were selected by this camper.
With fun projects like these the camp was off to a great start.  The campers were excited about what they had already learned and looking forward to the bigger projects coming next. 

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